About Us

Founded On 20th august 2018 in Islamabad, Pakistan by Raza, Software engineer ,PHPDeveloper and expert Digital marketer. working for Technogate, and also a freelancer. Coding is my life.
I was making websites for others lately I realised I-should start my own website. The problems am facing on internet I will work on that so I decide to make this website to provide ease to ordinary visitors of internet who may not understand english language or many of us can’t understand Urdu too. That’s way i chose to write in Roman Urdu. Because many of times I also can’t understand complete english or pure Urdu too.
Our Mission

Wellcome to https://plantsvszombies2modapk.com/.We make this website to entertain people , give information, latest news and trends around the world and also news and gossips about Hollywood and Bollywood Celebrities. We make our website little bit different from others websites like we give you all news, info , gossips etc in roman Urdu that you can understand easily. Because we have verity of websites regarding other languages but in Roman Urdu internet have just few website.
Our purpose is just provide you ease , you may know all news , fashion trends political views sports update just in roman Urdu.

We hope our website plantsvszombies2modapk.com will help you a lot.